About Me


Hi! My name is Jeff Brandwein. Welcome to my site. If you could not tell already, I am incredibly passionate about this mindset that every single day is Day One. Now the thing is, I didn’t always think like this or act in this purpose driven, highly motivated way. So, let me be clear here. I am not superhuman. Nobody is. (Ex. See to your right, I am just like you. Another human being.)
In time, I will share my stories via my blog, but for now, just know we all can achieve great things. It does not matter who you are or where you came from.

Like I said, my site might make me appear to be someone that I am not. So, before you think anything, here are some fun facts about me:

  • I am in my early 30’s, and I have been in sales for 10 years and sales leadership for 5 years
  • I have 4 unique pet peeves
    • Getting a Haircut
    • Getting Gas
    • When people tell me they are not a morning person – If someone actually has scientific proof that there is such a thing. Please show me.
    • People say they are busy. Please do not take life too seriously. It’s not that complicated.
  • My wife, kids, dog and I live in the suburbs, and we own 1 car…..yes, I am not a fan of automobiles. Instead, I ride a red Schwinn ranger to the train for my daily commute in the rain, snow, or -40 wind chill. No joke. If I were lying then would anything on my site actually be truthful? Check my social media pages for the epic rides.
  • As of age 27, I actually started to read books for fun, I typically read biographies, self-help, leadership, business, and sales books
  • I love waking up at 4:30 a.m and I religiously work out 6 days a week
  • I am very passionate about sales and leadership. I love learning as much as I can about both subjects.
  • I am very fascinated with how the human mind works, and why each of us acts in our own unique ways
  • I rarely watch tv, but when I do I tune into my favorite show: History Channel – The Curse of Oak Island
  • I think that CT (From Real World – Paris) could beat any boxer or MMA fighter in a fight any day, anywhere.

Now for this site, I had this idea. I thought about how much I have evolved and developed myself personally, and how looking back it was actually pretty simple. So, I figured I cannot be the only one who wants to reach their potential and grow. This site is my way to reach out to those people and see if I can help them. Here are the three goals I have for the site:

  1. Share content and methods from articles, books, and people who have accomplished their dreams and reached their potential.
  2. Share my own thoughts on life, my learnings from the books I read, and of course, recommend books that have helped me on my journey.
  3. Most importantly, I hope that at least one person can reach their potential, find their purpose, or become a better person because of content shared here. That’s it. Just one.

Now, WAKE UP! It’s Day one.